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How to create a free digital menu

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Having a digital menu with QR Code has become nowadays a necessity, not only for restaurant businesses, but for all businesses that offer services and need a list that can be consulted by their customers that is always up-to-date (such as beauty salons, hotels, or bathing establishments).

In this article we will focus on how to create a free and comprehensive digital menu with QR Code, for restaurants and other businesses.

Before we get into the meat of the article, finding out what is the best service for creating a free and truly comprehensive digital menu, let’s briefly summarize what are the benefits of a well-done digital menu.

Features and Advantages of Digital Menu

In the common imagination, the digital menu is reductively considered “the digital version” of the traditional printed menu:

  • Instead of being written on paper, the digital menu is viewed from a digital device (smartphone, tablet, computer);
  • customers access the digital menu via a link or by scanning a QR code.

However, the digital menu can be much more than that!

  1. Digital menu can be used together with paper (one does not exclude the other, quite the contrary!).
    Businesses that adopt both print and digital versions of the menu offer customers a full service, giving them the choice of which one to consult. For this reason, many digital menu services provide the option of printing a printed version that is always up-to-date.
  2. An updated menu ensures greater customer satisfaction (in many ways).
    In the digital menu, changes can be made in real time, updating prices, missing products, or the ability to report dishes of the day can make a difference in the eyes of customers.
    In an age when more and more users search for images of restaurant dishes on Google and social media, an image-rich digital menu satisfies the customer’s search and helps them make their choice (all of which translates into increased sales for the restaurant).
  3. Digital menu optimizes service.
    In an age when “speed” is synonymous with “efficiency,” there is a need to make the menu smart as well. Because of its characteristics, the digital menu becomes the tool that makes the work more efficient and faster, thanks to the additional services it offers compared to the paper menu (for example, the ability to order or reserve a table directly from the menu).
  4. You cut printing costs and reduce environmental impact.
    The digital menu can be easily updated, without having to resort to printing it each time, and it is environmentally friendly, as it does not require paper and ink.
  5. Menu becomes a growth tool for the business.
    A digital menu, if well used, brings numerous benefits to one’s business:
    increases the average receipt and return customers, optimizes the work of room staff and back-office work. In addition, using a digital menu allows orders to be received directly on WhatsApp, eliminates fees from delivery services, can also be shared online, improves table turn-over efficiency, and reduces no-shows.

In general, using a digital menu can improve the customer experience and increase sales for the restaurant.

What aspects should you consider before creating a digital menu?

The supply of digital menus has increased considerably over the years, and different proposals (more or less valid) for converting a paper menu to digital can be found on the Web, but it is not always easy to identify and choose the solution that best suits one’s needs.

To select the best service for creating a digital menu, it is important to evaluate the following aspects: The aesthetics of the menu, the completeness and efficiency of the service, the eventual costs to be incurred, and not least, the speed of use and ease of use.

All these elements should be considered very carefully when choosing a service for creating a digital menu (an unprofessional service will risk causing more loss than gain). If the digital menu is inconvenient to use or poorly designed, it can be worse than a paper menu. Many restaurants have had this experience and thought that digital menus are not for them, without having experienced the real benefits.

What service should you choose to create a digital menu that is truly functional?

Having explained the needs, made the advantages known, and clarified the aspects to be taken into consideration when choosing a digital menu, one finds oneself asking: which service to choose to create an efficient digital menu?

This is where leggimenu.it, the among the best-known and most widely used digital menu creation service in Italy for the creation of digital menus free forever and advertisement-free.

The digital menu can be created and managed independently, through an easy-to-use management system (the support service is always available and offers constant and efficient support).

With leggimenu.it you can create one or more digital menus for free really comprehensive and feature-rich (unlimited entries, photos, multiple language translations, and more).

For those who need it, it is possible to add advanced packages that expand the options of the service, taking it to levels of excellence (you can add this advanced version at any time from the company’s website).

How to create a free digital menu with leggimenu.it

From the leggimenu.it website you can access the page for the free registration of your account.

After filling in the required data, a quick and easy operation, you will immediately have access to the management system for menu creation.
Watch video tutorial “Menu Creation” (Italian version video).

The free version of leggimenu.it is complete with all the features you would expect to find in a menu, plus it has no limitations on the number of entries and time of use (all of which makes the service truly competitive and is why more than 90% of users of leggimenu.It uses the menu in the free version).

In the free version of leggimenu.it it is possible:

Digital menu restaurant

  • create one or more digital menus independently;
  • insert unlimited number of products and categories;
  • insert prices, photos, descriptions, allergens, and features for each individual product;
  • constantly and in real time update the menu;
  • hide certain items and categories, depending on the needs of the moment;
  • Insert notes and information for customers within the menu;
  • translate menu into multiple languages with one click.

In the advanced version of leggimenu.it, the menu is enriched with a range of advanced functions, making the menu a leading-edge tool and aiming to meet every need.

In the advanced version of leggimenu.it you can, among other things:

  • customize the graphic appearance and increase the visibility of your brand within the menu;
  • order directly from the menu (whether it is an order from the table, take-out or with delivery);
  • book a table directly from the menu;
  • manage orders and reservations from your management system;
  • customize dishes with additional ingredients, which the customer can select at his or her leisure;
  • use tools to support marketing activities (such as customer data collection, useful for sending dedicated promotions);
  • …and much more.

A final but no less important aspect to consider is the continuous evolution of supply. In fact, new features are periodically made available to service members.

Because of its features and its continuous search for innovation, leggimenu.it is the perfect example of how tradition can evolve and work effectively.

Do you want to take your business to the next level?.

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