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With a free QR code, the simplest, the most comprehensive

Have you ever wondered how a digital wine list can enhance your restaurant business? Discover on this page the benefits of a digital wine list compared to the traditional paper version.


  • The digital wine list is more attractive: you can enrich it with images and detailed descriptions of your wines.
  • The digital wine list is more hygienic: each customer can view the wine list on their own smartphone by simply scanning a QR code.
  • The digital wine list is easily updatable: you can add new wines or remove those that are sold out in real time.


Moreover, on leggimenu.it, the digital wine list is also free… try it now!

Simple, free of charge, and... beautiful!


No app download is required.


Customize your digital wine list with details of your venue.


Create your selection of labels, with no limits on entries.


Update your offerings in real time (the QR code will not change).


Indicate the presence of organic wines or those with other characteristics.


Add images of the wines and informative messages for your customers (such as special events, promotions, or tastings).


Once ready, print and display the QR code in your venue. Customers will be able to easily view the digital wine list using their smartphone or tablet.


The advantages don't stop there!

With the digital wine list, you can:


Versatile, functional, and... rich!

Take a look at our demo menu

Try the demo menu

Customize the appearance of your digital wine list with your business’s logo, colors, and images.


You can also include contacts (Phone/WhatsApp/Email) and the address of your venue, which will be visible to customers. Remember that you can always modify the digital wine list in real time.


The digital wine list is adaptable: create the sections you need (White Wines, Red Wines, Sparkling, etc.); communicate to customers various information such as closing days, upcoming events, and much more.


Download and print the QR code, to display it on the tables and in your restaurant. Your customers will be able to view the digital wine list from their own smartphone or tablet.


Check out our demo menu.

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