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Is a digital restaurant menu useful for my business?
If that’s the question in your head, you’re in the right place.
On this page, you will discover the advantages of a digital restaurant menu over a printed menu.


  • The digital menu is beautiful: you can enhance it with photos and descriptions of your dishes.
  • The digital menu is safe: it guarantees greater healthy security. Each customer uses their Smartphone to view the menu, scanning a QR code.
  • The digital menu is editable: in real time, you can insert a dish of the day or delete it from the menu when it is no longer available.

Moreover, with leggimenu.it the digital menu is free… you just have to try it!

Simple, free of charge, and... beautiful!


The digital restaurant menu does not require an App to download.

Set the digital menu by customizing it with your business information.
Fill in the digital menu
with all the sections needed (first course, second course, drinks, etc.) without insertion or time limits.
And if something is missing, you can update the digital menu in real time.
You can report allergens, gluten-free or lactose-free products, and organic or vegan products.
You can post photos and write informative messages for customers (notices, events, and anything else you want to tell them).

The digital restaurant menu is ready to go.

Download and print your QR code and display it
in your establishment. Your customers can view the digital menu by scanning it with their Smartphones or Tablets. You can make changes to the digital menu whenever you want. The QR code will remain the same.

If you think that this is not enough, you are right because the advantages do not end here!

With the digital restaurant menu, you can:

Digital Restaurant Menu Demo

Versatile, functional, and... rich!

Have a look at our digital restaurant menu demonstration

Restaurant Menu Demo

Customize the look of your digital restaurant menu with the a logo, colors, and images of your business.

You can also enter contact information (Phone/Whatsapp/Email) and the address of your restaurant that will be visible to customers. Remember that you can always change the digital menu in real-time.

The digital menu is adaptable: create the sections you need (Appetizers, First Course, etc.); communicate to customers information of various kinds (closing days, scheduled events, and much more).

Download and print the QR code to display on tables and in your restaurant. Your customers can view the digital menu from their mobile device (Smartphone or tablet).

Look at the digital menu example we created for the “Restaurant.”

QR code

Qr code ristorante

Scan the QR Code of digital Restaurant menu with your device.

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The service is aimed at all restauranteurs and managers of premises that use a menu in their business.

Yes, leggimenu.it is a FREE service that allows you to create a digital menu WITHOUT TIME LIMITS. In addition, no advertisements of any kind will appear on the digital menu.

The Customer will use their mobile device (Smartphone or Tablet). Your task will be to display the QR code downloadable from the appropriate section of leggimenu.it or to provide the link generated by the system.

No. Our menu is based on a Web App, so you don’t need to download anything.

We recommend that you download the QR Code using a Computer. Downloading can cause problems on Smartphones and Tablets.

Most devices already have a built-in QR Code reader. However, in case of scanning problems, we recommend that you download a scanning app:

Android -> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=idtw.mobileappe.qrcode.banner
iOS -> https://apps.apple.com/it/app/qr-code-scanner-di-codici/id1200318119


Using the digital menu, the customer can save his order to voice it to the waiter, who will take the order as usual. However, by subscribing to the Premium Extension, you can take advantage of the specific functions to place orders from the table, and for takeout and delivery, directly from the digital menu -> Read more

You will need to register differently for each venue (using a different email address each time).
The registrations are unlimited.

Yes. The digital menu is customizable. You will decide the name of categories, individual menu items, and any images to insert. You can also customize the text of the buttons and phrases in the default digital menu (to learn more, visit the Premium Extension page).
For these reasons, the service is useful to all those who use a price list/service (ex: Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Hairdressers, Beauticians, Establishments, Shops, or service providers of any kind).

Yes. You must have an internet connection to use the service, even with very little bandwidth.

To take advantage of the functions and advantages of a digital menu, we recommend that you manually enter Categories and Menu Items (doing so, the menu will be perfectly navigable). However, if you prefer to directly upload a menu file (pdf or image), you can do so by subscribing to the Brand extension -> Learn more

Yes. In addition to the logo of your company, you can insert photos for each Menu Category (Starters, First Courses, etc…), for each single Menu Item and an opening image that represents your business. Inserting photos is completely optional.
We recommend the use of photos optimized for the web, which do not exceed 100/200 kb.

You can find the appropriate section Allergens in your management menu.
You can learn more by following our Video Tutorials

You are probably using a Smartphone or Tablet.
You must do this from a laptop or computer.

You can learn more by following our Video Tutorials

Yes, the menu changes are unlimited, with no extra costs, and the QR Code will always remain the same.

No. The digital menu can be changed whenever you need it, while the QR Code will not be recreated because it is linked to your account and will always remain the same.

You have 2 options:
1. Choose to activate Automatic Multilingual, to enable automatic translation by Google Translate in the 4 available languages (English, Spanish, French, German); or 2. Choose to activate Advanced Multilingual*, to personally insert the translation in the available languages ( English, Spanish, French, German). * Advanced Multilingual feature requires a Premium extension subscription

Yes. To create a Wine List, you have two options:
1. You can create a special menu only for wines by registering a new account (registrations are unlimited). Remember that for each new account created there will be a specific QR Code reference.

2. If you want to maintain a single menu for food and drinks, you can create special Categories for wine (for example: Red Wines, White Wines, etc.), within which you can enter the individual Menu Items, with the description and the cost. 

leggimenu.it offers the possibility to enrich the digital menu through Extensions.
These are advanced features that make the menu even more useful:

receive orders from the table, for takeout and delivery;

enter multiple prices for the same product;

create subcategories;

enter custom translations in multiple languages… and much more. Extensions are the only section with a subscription, are optional, and have no constraints of any kind.
Learn more about Extensions
If you want to know more, write us: [email protected]


The staff of leggimenu.it is constantly working on adding new functions.
You can suggest your idea by writing to [email protected]

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