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Using digital menu along with paper menu: 2 formats that can coexist

utilizzare il menu digitale insieme al cartaceo

Venues seeking to modernize their businesses have favored digital menus for a number of years now (this allows them to improve the customer experience and optimize staff work). However, many venues still opt for the traditional paper menu, with the aim of maintaining a more classic and familiar image for customers fond of tradition.

The ideal solution to make the most of the advantages of the two types of menus is the combination of paper and digital menus.
Before finding out how you can use both menu formats simultaneously, it is important to understand why it is advisable to do so.

Why is it important to use digital menu together with paper menu?

You have always used the paper menu in your establishment without any problems (or maybe that’s what you think). Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes, you will quickly notice that the paper menus are never fully updated and because of this can create a bit of disappointment (the dish the customer has chosen, and is already anticipating, is no longer available!).

That’s where the digital menu comes in: it can be changed in real time, which is why it will always be updated with kitchen availability.

Adopting the digital menu along with the paper menu will therefore benefit from the advantages that both bring: the classic paper menu, with its pages to flip through and information to ask the waiter by voice, will make traditional lovers happy. For the more tech-savvy, the digital menu will offer a more comprehensive, interactive experience without necessarily relying on the help of wait staff.

Using the digital menu along with the paper menu is therefore the optimal solution, and that is why the best digital menu services currently around also allow you to print the PDF and always up-to-date version of the menu.

Menu digitale insieme al cartaceo

leggimenu.it allows you to download the PDF version of the menu

How to use the digital menu together with the paper menu

To ensure that customers can easily browse the menu, whether it is in print or digital format, it is important to exhibit it in different locations inside the restaurant and, why not, even outside, making use of one’s creativity and imagination.

We all know that to view a digital menu all you need to do is frame a QR code with your Smartphone or Tablet. To meet the needs of all customers, the QR code can be affixed to the table markers next to the paper menu, or the QR code can be printed directly on the back or front cover of the paper menu so that customers can choose which one to view.

Another popular solution is to display both menus on the counter of the restaurant, available to waiting customers who can begin to get an idea of what dishes they may order shortly. This offers the choice of flipping through pages of the menu on paper, seeing photos of dishes from the digital menu, or doing both.

Also consider alternatives

If in your restaurant you do not intend to flank the paper menu with its digital version, you should carefully consider these two alternatives:

  1. You can make the traditional paper menu available to the customer and have staff take orders from the digital menu (in fact, with the digital menu you can also send and manage table orders).
    Benefit for staff: you speed up the ordering process.
    Benefit for customers: they do not have to change their habits.
  2. You can share the QR code or Menu Link outside the venue.
    In fact, thanks to the QR code and Link, the digital menu is always accessible, anytime and anywhere. It can be placed on fliers, shared on social or sent via e-mail and WhatsApp to customers. By doing so, customers will be able to access the digital menu easily and begin to get an idea of what dishes to order, without having to wait until they are in the restaurant.

Features personalizzazione

Not all digital menus are the same

If you have not yet adopted a digital menu for your venue, but are intent on doing so, it is critical to carefully evaluate the right service. In fact, an unprofessional service may not be so useful; in fact, it may even cause problems and frustration for staff and clients.

It is important to choose a reliable and well-structured service to get the best results.

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Factors to consider when choosing a digital menu

  • Ease of use: it is important that the digital menu is easy to use for both staff and customers.
  • Customization: having the ability to customize and update the digital menu according to the needs of the venue is critical to having an efficient menu that is in line with one’s brand, so as to create a consistent experience for customers.
  • The PDF version: in addition to the digital format of the menu, there are services that allow you to download and print the corresponding PDF file, to have a paper menu that is always in line with the digital version.
  • Costs, if any: some providers charge monthly, annual or one-time fees for their digital menus. It is important to consider these costs because they could affect the restaurant’s budget.
    However, it is not impossible to find an efficient service that is at the same time free, such as leggimenu.it which guarantees a full version of the menu always free, without deadlines and limitations, plus it offers the possibility to enrich the menu with advanced packages that can be activated only if and when needed.
  • Technical support: it is important to choose a service that offers assistance in resolving any issues or providing necessary information.

Considering all these aspects, it is clear that not all digital menu providers are the same, and choosing the right one becomes critical to ensure a good experience for both staff and customers.

With a professional service such as leggimenu.it you can modernize your business without sacrificing tradition by using an efficient digital menu along with the paper menu.

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