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La Tiella - Tipico fritto napoletano

panzarotti salami and smoked provola, rice arancini, seaweed zeppole, smoked scamorza cheese breaded with lemon, pepper

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Montanarine - 4 pizzas fried and sautéed in the oven

two flavours: Roma tomato, parmesan flakes and basil; buffalo ricotta, mortadella Bologna IGP Granterre, lemon zest, pesto and pistachio grains

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Polpette della nonna

with Neapolitan ragù: beef, bread, Grana Padano DOP and basil

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Parmigiana di melanzane

Neapolitan ragù, smoked provola, parmesan and basil

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Neapolitan whim

salami and smoked provola croquettes, seaweed zeppoline, tomato and basil bruschetta; PDO buffalo mozzarella bites with cantaloupe melon and Parma ham; octopus* and potatoes with tomatoes

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"Cuoppo" sea and land

Fried calamari*, courgettes, tartar sauce, salt and pepper

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Cod hearts

pieces of cod* fried on dried tomato pesto, capers, lemon and black olive powder

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Octopus and chickpeas

grilled octopus* on chickpea puree, tomato tapenade, lemon zest and EVO oil with sweet chilli powder, Jerusalem artichoke chips and dill

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